After School Clubs at North Shore Bike Park

Who wouldn't look forward to hitting the park after a long day at school?
After-School programs are fun and maybe, potentially, sort of educational too!
Just don't tell the kids.

Josh Straat

Creative Kids Build a Ramp Camp with Josh Straat

Coming in October!

Josh Straat is a former pro rider with GT Bikes who happens to be responsible for a lot of the ramps here at North Shore Bike Park, as well as Air Rec Centre (R.I.P.)

With the support of Dick’s Lumber, Josh’s Creative Kids Build a Ramp Camp is a 4 day Club (once a week for 4 weeks) wherein guests will learn about ramp design and construction and then apply that knowledge to construct small, safe, ramps they can take home!  Other projects may include Manual Machines, Bike Stands and a lot of things you can make out of wood!