So you’re coming to North Shore Bike Park! Here’s some important things to know…


North Shore Bike Park is located inside Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, located at 943 Marine Drive.

Our free underground parking has a 2 metre (6’8”) height limit.

You can access the P1 underground parking off Hanes Avenue on the East side of Capilano Mall, immediately after turning south from Marine Drive. The underground Park entrance is marked with North Shore Bike Park signage.

9Am to 6PM: You may park above ground level as well and enter the park through any entrance to the Mall.  PLEASE WALK YOUR BIKES through the mall.  The park’s Main Entrance is next to Dollar Tree, and Fit 4 Less. We can not allow bikes through the South exit of the park.

AFTER 6PM – Access into the mall is limited to the main entrance via the mall’s North entrances off of Marine Drive or through P1 Underground Parking.

Children 7 and Under MUST be accompanied at all times!

The last thing we want is for your Lil’ Shredder to get run over! Or for another rider to be hurt running into them.

For this reason we require riders 7 and under to be accompanied at all timers. You MUST keep your eyes on them and stay as close to them as possible and try not to walk on the terrain. Please do not be annoyed with staff for enforcing this rule as it is for everyone’s safety.

Riders aged 8 through 11

Riders aged 8 through 11 must have a guardian in the Bike Park at all times.

A guardian must be a parent or other legal guardian, or a sibling or sitter that has been assigned by the parent.  We will need the sibling or sitter registered as the person of responsibility and they must be assigned by the parent.  Please call or visit reception to add a name to your child’s account.


We use the same colour code system as the local bike trails.  You will see these colours on the park map and painted on the terrain surface.  Do not ride beyond your ability!


The most accessible terrain in the park.  This is beginner level terrain and is rideable by all.


These rollers and jumps are a little higher than the Greens.


These rollers are a little higher again and require more pumping compared to the greens and light blues.  The blue jump line is higher, and requires more momentum and skill than the greens.


Black is for the most capable and confident riders.  Black pump tracks are faster and more aggressive and Black Jump Lines have the potential to give you a bigger launch.  Only the most capable riders should ride the Black lines.


There is a full service food court outside the south exit of the park and a Dollar Store outside the main entrance. You can enjoy food in the food court and are welcome to bring food into the park as well. Vending machines with kid snacks and drinks are available within the park.