Bike Maintenance - Shifting and Drivetrains - with Nomadic Mechanic

Bike Maintenance – Shifting and Drivetrain

Dive into the many intricacies of getting your shifting dialed with Shifting and Drivetrain Maintenance.

Nobody likes a bike that skips gears or has the chain falling off the cassette every time they shift into the big cog! Engage in this hands-on workshop designed to teach participants to confidently diagnose and address various shifting issues found on their bikes. The session also covers best practices related to drivetrain maintenance and knowing when it’s time and how to replace parts.

In this 2 hour session the folks from Nomadic Mechanic will introduce you to the bike’s gears, cranks, derailleur and chain, diagnosis and troubleshooting, for every bike and the easy do-it-yourself-if-you-want fixes that can also save you money!

COST: $100 per participant

Each session is 2hrs long and comes with a Day Pass worth as much as $34.99.  Participants may stay and ride for the remainder of the day after completing their session and even get discounts in the food court.

Who is it for?
This course is for mountain bikers and home mechanics with a basic understanding of bike terminology who may have attempted to fix shifting issues in the past.

What to bring?
Although not required, we encourage participants to bring their own mountain bike if it is in good working order.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Perform hanger alignment and/or replacement.
  • Execute derailleur limit screw adjustments/ initial setup.
  • Understand proper B-Gap distances for a variety of shifting systems.
  • Adjust cable tension/indexing.
  • Understand the differences between “cable pull” and “pull ratio”.
  • Test for friction in the cable/housing system.
  • Address issues with derailleurs and shifters.
  • Check for drivetrain wear.
  • Understand how to maintain and replace their drivetrain when necessary (time permitting)



Participants are not required to bring their own bikes but are invited to do so.  No tools or other special equipment are necessary.

Age minimum: 10yrs



  1. In the Calendar below select your date for a single session (dates are indicated in yellow or green).
  2. Add the number of participants. NOTE: Participants should be at least 10yo.
  3. Then below the calendar review the block of times and press Select.
  4. You’ll then be asked for the participant’s information, and payment details.