Ride n Climb Camps

Ride n’ Climb
Summer Camp

Welcome to the ultimate adventure destination for young thrill-seekers: our Ride n’ Climb Camp! Get ready to pedal into excitement and scale new heights as we fuse the exhilarating worlds of indoor biking and climbing into one action-packed experience. 

For Riders and Climbers aged 8 to 12.


Only $599.99 per Week


Imagine zipping through North Shore Bike Park’s Pump Tracks and Jump Lines, leaping into the airbags, or attacking in the Urban Zone!  Whether you’re a novice rider or a seasoned cyclist, our seasoned Camp Leaders will guide you through the park, helping you master new skills and conquer challenging terrain.


Ride n Climb CampsBut the adventure doesn’t stop there! Just a stone’s throw away at ClimbBase5, the North Shore’s greatest indor climbing gym awaits!  With routes for every skill level, from beginner-friendly climbs to adrenaline-pumping ascents, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Campers will forge lasting friendships, build confidence, and develop a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. So come join us for a summer filled with adrenaline, camaraderie, and unforgettable adventures. 

This is not a skills development camp but a social and inclusive camp for all skill levels among a given age group. The aim is for kids to enjoy time with friends and make new friends while participating in cycling related workshops and other sports activities.



Drop off at North Shore Bike Park: 9:00 AM
Pick up from North Shore Bike Park : 5:00 PM

Camp Dates:



Each day will start in the bike park and end at the bike park, making it as simple as possible for parents.   The mornings are all in the park and after lunch the kids ride with their Leader to ClibBase5 only a few minutes away for their climbing portion.  The kids will ride back with their Leader for pick ups.



To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants, riders must demonstrate independent, confident, and controlled riding skills on flat ground with minor obstacles. 

Two Waivers are required for this camp, one for North Shore Bike Park and one for Climb Base5. 
For North Shore Bike Park please make sure you’ve signed our waiver found HERE
For Climb Base5 please make sure you’ve signed their waiver found HERE.
A participant without a waiver would be denied access to either facility. 



  1. A fitted and appropriate bike helmet.  We highly recommend a full-face helmet.  If you need a helmet one can be rented at the park.
  2. A bike!  Just about any bike will do and the park is rideable by any form of mountain bike or BMX.  Your bike should be free of training wheels. We can not allow eBikes into the park, and all bikes should meet our BYO-Bike requirements on our web site at https://northshorebikepark.ca/byo-bike-helmet/
  3. We can also rent bikes for the week!  We carry Dirt Jumpers and BMX bikes and can make them available to campers at the reduced rate of $10 per day.
  4. Backpacks, lunch, snacks and water bottles!  The day is full of activity so the kids will need snacks and water and a backpack to carry their food with them from the park to Climb Base5.  Remember that the food court is an option for lunch and snacks and drinks can be purchased at the Dollar Store in front of the park inside Capilano Mall.
  5. Loose and comfortable clothing, and layers.  Rain gear if appropriate.  Because the kids will be enjoying both the inside and outside as well as activity and air conditioning, it’s a good idea to bring some layers along with their loose fitting clothes for riding and climbing.  And because we’ll visit Climb Base5 regardless of the weather then rain gear may be appropriate if the weather goes that way.



It’s essential to have your child’s bike tuned up and ready to roll well in advance of camp. Given the high demand, we advise scheduling a tune-up appointment with your local bike shop several weeks before the camp start date.  

Ensuring your child’s bike is in optimal condition not only guarantees their safety but also enhances their overall camp experience. A well-maintained bike sets the stage for a positive and enjoyable adventure for your child.


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  1. In the Calendar below, select your start date for a single week block (dates are indicated in yellow or green).
  2. Add the number of participants according to their age group.  (Ride n Climb is limited to ages 8 to 12)
  3. Then below the calendar review the block of times and press Select.
  4. You’ll then be asked for the participant’s information, and payment details.

NOTE: In the event of a stat holiday the riders that week have the option of accepting a free Day Pass to North Shore Bike Park if they can not attend due to the holiday.