Conceived, designed, built, and operated by professional mountain bikers who love to call the North Shore home, North Shore Bike Park is the largest indoor bike park in British Columbia, located in downtown North Vancouver.


Motivated by our mission statement, North Shore Bike Park strives to provide the entire Cycling community with programs and services that promote the lifestyle, regardless of the preferred cycling discipline of the guest.  North Shore Bike Park is a cycling centre, providing opportunities for all guests to enjoy all aspects of cycling.

As the largest indoor biking venue in the greater Vancouver Area, North Shore Bike Park will also play host to industry presentations, post-race ceremonies, cycling health and wellness seminars, cycling related classes and many more related events, many of them free of charge.


The North Shore bike park has several different zones specifically designed for riders of different skill levels.  The philosophy underlying each zone is “endless flow”.  As a cyclist perfects their skills on one zone they will find themselves progressing towards more challenging zones.  The park has jumps, berms, rollers and a state of the art pump track.  For riders looking to perfect their “bag of tricks” the park will be equipped with an airbag zone where cyclists can practice in a low consequence environment.  Every section of the park is designed to be fun.

Fun. Flowy. Perpetual. Progressive.

The North Shore Bike Park has been carefully crafted to create the best layout and design possible to provide the most fun, for any level of rider.

We’ve done extensive market research, we’ve visited indoor parks (and outdoor!) all over North America to learn of the successes and challenges of each park, to be able to craft something that we believe will be the most fun, for any level of rider.

From toddler, through youth, adolescence, adulthood, seniors, families, beginners, intermediates and advanced riders, we’ve thought of a space for you. We’ve carefully separated each zone into ability/style, so there will be a toddler zone, a kids zone, a green zone, lots of blue flow and a black zone, a jump and drop zone with airbags, too. We’ve got coaching zones, sessioning areas and even open space for groups, classes and drills. Each zone moves riders through the park in a progressive manner, with carefully placed links between each zone so riders can flow right into the next challenge, or stay in their zone to continue to session and progress.

We’ve designed the park to maximize ride time and minimize waiting, so you can stay in the flow state and keep rolling through all the lines, or hang in each area’s staging area to watch & cheer on your friends!
So whether you are riding for the first time, or working on improving your skills and confidence, or just want to session with some friends and family, the North Shore Bike Park will be the place for you!


By working with local organisations, supporting their efforts through use of the facilities and services within the Parks, North Shore Bike Park will play an active role in the improvement of lives through the benefits of a cycling lifestyle.

Bikes for Tykes

Bikes for Tykes collects used bikes annually and with the help of Obsession:Bikes, one of North Vancouver’s bicycle retail and service shops, ensures each one is safe and rideable by the lucky child or parent who will receive it for Christmas. North Shore Bike Park is providing year-round collection and storage of these bikes where there was once a major limitation preventing the effort from collecting bikes outside of the Christmas season. The North Vancouver park will be a regular collection point for all bike donations.