Ramps, Manual Machines, Teeter-Totters, and more!
Learn how to build your own and take it home!
For boys and girls and parents!

Sponsored by Dick's Lumber Canada and Milwaukee Tool

Learn to build a proper ramp, or manual machine and other cool wooden bike structures - After School and Parent and Shredder

In this Club, North Shore Bike Park builders will quickly teach the fundamentals of ramp design and construction and then each rider will learn to assemble their own ramp, to their own liking, and take it home with them!


Kick Ramp by North Shore Bike Park's build a ramp camp

No cutting required. Working in the park workshop and using cordless drills provided by Milwaukee Tool, materials from Dicks Lumber Canada, each rider will assemble their ramps with the guidance of our builders Josh Straat and Brandon Yockey.

Builders will also help with Manual Machines, Teeter-Totters and other cool bike related projects.

Don’t forget your bike!  Every participant get’s a Day Pass to ride in the park before and after Ramp Camp!  And every builder get’s a FREE T SHIRT!

Dicks Lumber Canada Milwaukee Tools

Creative Kids Build a Ramp Camp
is generously sponsored by Dick’s Lumber Canada and Milwaukee Tool