Cycling Performance & Conditioning Program

Welcome to Performance and Conditioning, your gateway to a dynamic and exhilarating program that integrates North Shore Bike Park's very own indoor pump track and professional training principles.

Starting at $390

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite rider, this program is tailored to enhance your performance level and bike riding skills. Join us for an adventure that will boost your endurance, power output, strength, and overall conditioning

Our program combines the excitement of pump track riding with expert training principles to create a unique and challenging performance experience.

Your coach will guide you through a 6-week journey, from mastering the basics to crushing your fitness goals. Expect to improve your confidence, skill, and overall fitness while becoming a part of our supportive community and participating in the first indoor pump track conditioning program in Canada.


Age Group: Adults (ages 12+)

Duration: Ongoing (6-week program with monthly sign-up)

Fitness Focus: High-intensity interval training, strength, endurance, injury prevention, and functional fitness for bikers.


Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Building a Foundation

  • Initial fitness baseline measurement
  • Dynamic warm-up exercises and mobility routine
  • Intro of core and hip stability exercises alongside pump track

Week 2: Building Volume

  • Progression of exercises and riding difficulty
  • Building exercise volume for higher intensity workouts

Week 3: Cardio / Endurance and Agility

  • Cardiovascular workouts using the pump track’s features
  • Agility drills to improve coordination and balance

Week 4: Strength and Core Conditioning

  • Resistance exercises and functional movements
  • Core conditioning for stability and balance

Week 5: Tying it all together

  • A week focused on integrating skills and exercises
  • Deloading the intensity to prep for your fitness reassessment

Week 6: Peak’d Fitness

  • Showcase your new strength and skills by crushing your old fitness scores
  • Compete in a friendly and fun pump track challenge

"Pump & Power Challenge of the Week"

Participate in our weekly "Pump & Power Challenges" to test your progress and compete with fellow participants. These events promote a sense of community, camaraderie, and healthy competition while pushing your fitness boundaries.

Community and App Access

When you join MTB Performance and Conditioning, you gain access to Innovative Fitness’ comprehensive app, providing you with a personalized training experience. Your personal trainer will motivate and educate you as you embark on your fitness journey.

In the app, you’ll connect with a community of like-minded individuals, access at-home workouts, engage in weekly challenges, build healthy habits, and participate in optional community rides. After completing the program, you can choose to maintain access to workouts and the community for a small fee or enroll in new progressions to keep pushing your limits.


Are you ready to transform your fitness and riding skills while becoming part of an inspiring community? Join MTB Performance and Conditioning today!


Choose from several flexible options….

1 Session
per week

at North Shore Bike Park
2 Sessions at home


2 Sessions
per week

at North Shore Bike Park
2 Sessions at home


3 Sessions
per week

at North Shore Bike Park
2 Sessions at home