Yes you can bring your own bike to North Shore Bike Park. In fact we encourage it. And helmets are mandatory. But before you arrive it’s important that your bike and helmet meets our safety guidelines for use in the park.


1. We can not allow eBikes (electric bikes) or adaptive bikes inside the park. As of this date our insurance will not cover these types of bikes in the park but we will continue to work with the industry to find ways to include them in the future.

2. Bikes must be free of kick stands

3. Bar ends are mandatory.  If you do not have bar ends you may purchase some from the Pro Shop.

4. Check your bike for cracks and loose components. All parts must be securely tightened and in good working order.

5. There will be no entry for bikes missing grips, or seats.

Bringing your own helmet or pads?

1. Your helmet must be certified.

2. Your helmet must be a proper fit.

3. Your helmet must have a chin strap and it is to be done up while riding without exception.

4. Elbow and Knee pads should be a proper fit.


Of course if there is an issue with your bike or helmet there are rental bikes available inside the park.

Reach out with any questions regarding your equipment.