Where MTBdryland meets the PUMPtrack


BONDtraining has been trusted by bike Industry professionals and the MTB community for more than 20+ years.

This exciting new training format, combining skills, performance and strength work, brings the coaching and training expertise from North Vancouver’s original MTBdryland Program into the North Shore Bike Park

HYBRID combines the fun and physical exertion of intervals on the indoor pump track & jump lines matched with off-bike segments to build cardio, strength, core, power, mobility & resilience.




 12:00 noon


 6:00 am & 7:00 am

 Training 1x or 2x per week
 6 Week Series



Participants will be surprised at how easily their Heart Rate ramps up and how much speed and control they can acquire as they get out of the saddle, pump, and push their bike through the terrain.

The Bike Park environment encourages the rider to take on the role of a pilot commanding their Rocketship rather than being a passenger on a bus. These sessions will allow participants to refine their piloting skills and improve their riding efficiency, stamina, strength and power,


What to expect

  • A high-energy training environment designed and coached by a professional cycling coach & trainer
  • It will be a lot of fun. These fast-paced, guided sessions on the track and the corresponding exercises off the bike will positively affect many aspects of your riding. 


  • This program has limited spaces available.
    • If registration for your preferred class time is full, please waitlist or consider alternate timeslot options. 
  • Your registration includes access to the park during the BONDtraining session only – no membership required.
  • Minimum bike skill level – the ability to ROLL while standing through the green jump-line at NSBP. 
  • You do not need prior gym training experience.
  • Ages 15+
  • Riders must bring their helmet and bicycle – in good working order.
    • Dirt jump-style bikes are NOT mandatory; your trail bike will do just fine (please do not bring muddy, dirty bikes into the park)
    • Secure Bike Storage between sessions is available. Please contact us for details.
    • Dirt jump bike rentals are available on-site for HYbrid sessions at a discounted rate of $10/session
  • Gloves, knee pads and elbow pads are encouraged. 
  • Bring your HeartRate monitor if you have one.
  • Flat pedals and ride shoes for use with flat pedals and for floor work are encouraged.

About the Coach

Jason Bond TrainingBONDtraining principal & head coach Jason Bond has been training cyclists for over 20 years, on and off the bike. Jason is an experienced trainer but is primarily a passionate cyclist – with coaching and competitive riding experience in MTB, CX, Road & BMX. His high-demand winter MTBdryland program has been THE go-to off-season training program for Bike Industry professionals, and the riding community for the past 15 years.

Training with BONDtraining in the Gym, on the trails, or on the pump track, in a group or individually guarantees a high-quality, personalized, performance-focused training program designed by a cyclist specifically for cyclists. 
Whether you are training for a competitive event, or want to improve your weekend riding, BONDtraining programs will build your strength, power, confidence, resilience & longevity on and off the bike, training within a fantastic community of like-minded riders.
In addition to the MTBdryland HYBRID programs, BONDtraining offers customized training programs and performance programming in partnership with CyclingBC, Endless Biking, North Shore BMX & the North Shore Bike Park.