Ride n Shine n Unwind at North Shore Bike Park
Ride n Shine n Unwind at North Shore Bike Park

9:30am to 10:30am Mondays

Ride n Shine n Unwind at North Shore Bike ParkDrop the Lil Shredders off with our primary instructors and join Jacquie for a morning Stretch and Wellness session to get the day started or wind up the week.

Ride n’ Shine n’ Unwind is the only program anywhere combining a toddler cycling activity with a relaxing and healthy stretching session lead by a qualified instructor just for mom or dad or any caregiver.

For a limited time we’re offering introductory pricing on the Ride n Shine n Unwind program!  Now is the time to give it a try!   Regular Pricing in effect for additional Mondays.

Try Ride n’ Shine n’ Unwind for only $20
or try just the Unwind for only $20
9:30am to 10:30am Mondays

Regular pricing after your trial visit is $50 for combined
Ride n’ Shine for your Lil Shredder and Movement class for mom or dad.
$30 for just the Movement Class




Ride n Shine n Unwind at North Shore Bike ParkTake a morning break and let our very own Tammy Stothers lead your toddler through fun and engaging cycling activities while you join Jacquie for an hour of relaxing a relieving stretching.   Information about the Ride n’ Shine program is found by clicking here.

North Shore Bike Park’s Ride n’ Shine Mornings are for riders aged 3 through 7 needing to learn and enjoy the very basics of being on a bike.  Balance, steering, starting, stopping and the glide are the focus of the instruction while engaging, cycling related, activities maintain their attention and  enthusiasm over the course of every hour.

During the promotional program we’re also providing a free ALL DAY PASS for both the child and guardian.  That’s a $45 value in itself!  Feel free to stay and join Lil Shredders or return later on in the day!


  • Lil Shredders must be toilet trained, and 7 years of age or younger.  Ask about exceptions.
  • Note that at any time your stretching may be interrupted should the staff need your attention for the support of your child
  • There are a few mats available to borrow but quantities are very limited.
  • We have 5 change rooms in case you need to change in and out of street clothes
  • Rental bikes for Ride n Shine are $10.


About Tammy

Tammy Stothers is a Ride n Shine Mornings instructor at North Shore Bike Park but is also the owner of Escape Adventures, a local mountain biking instruction and camp company.

Her background has always been teaching, initially as a Genetic Counsellor, where she helped people understand their genetic family history, and with a few steps in between, this evolved into teaching mountain bike skills for the past 8 years.


About Jacquie

Meet Jacquie – a yoga instructor, organizational consultant, and leadership coach. Over the past decade, she has had the privilege of guiding individuals from various walks of life on transformative journeys, both one-on-one and in groups.

Through her extensive experience, Jacquie has observed the profound impact that connecting with one’s body and intuition can have on personal growth and fulfillment. Her own journey of self-discovery has emphasized the importance of authenticity and heart-centered living, leading to deep connections and inner peace. She has witnessed how her inner transformation radiates outward, influencing not just her practice, but also her relationships, career, and overall well-being.

Now, Jacquie is dedicated to supporting the community on their unique paths of discovery and empowerment through yoga.

9:30am to 10:30am Mondays