North Shore Bike Park Flight School

Flight School Level 1

For the aspiring Red Bull athlete who has yet to earn their wings, Flight School Level 1 introduces riders to the basics of defying gravity for the first time.

Riders will learn how a proper jump is engineered, what makes them safe and what makes them unsafe, and then how to approach and land successfully.

Level 1 is spent on the green jumps with some introduction to the light blues. When riders are ready for Flight School Level 2 they will progress to the dark blues.


COST: $240 for 3 sessions

Session one: initiation, wheels on the ground introduce movements and pumping techniques.

Session two: pump track warm up, start rolling the green lines, refine movements then begin to get wheels off the ground.

Session three: pump track warm up then move to green line for majority of the session, reinforcing technique for jumping safely and allow for session of green line to build comfort confidence and refine technique and introduce light blue line for those who are confident/comfortable and of ability.

Single-session drop-in available at $80+tax. Please call the front desk to register.