Creative Kids Build a Ramp Camp with Josh and Brandon

Creative Kids Build a Ramp Camp with Josh and Brandon

In this Club, North Shore Bike Park builders Josh Straat and Brandon Yockey will quickly teach the fundamentals of design and construction and then each rider will learn to assemble their own structure to their own liking, and take it home with them!

Dicks Lumber Canada Milwaukee Tools
Sponsored by Milwaukee Tool and Dick’s Lumber Canada

COST: $199.99 per builder

Parents/Caregivers accompanying the builder are free

No cutting required. Working in the park workshop and using cordless drills provided by Milwaukee Tool, materials from Dicks Lumber Canada, each rider will assemble their structure with the guidance of our builders.

The After School Build a Ramp Camp begins at 4PM, for 90 minutes, and runs for 3 sessions, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Riders will participate in Ramp Camp until 5:30

The Weekend Build a Ramp Camp begins Saturday mornings at 9am, runs for 4.5 hours and is open to parents and children. On weekends a caregiver/parent can be added as a second to the builder so parents and kids can do it together for the one fee.


Recommended Minimum Age: 8 years old. Builders 7 and under must have a caregiver accompanying them.

Members can receive a 10% refund when they visit the park and visit Reception.



  1. In the Calendar below select your starting Monday (for after school sessions), or a Saturday Morning for a single session.
    Remember that the after-school program is 3 sessions during the week beginning on the selected Monday afternoon, then Wednesday and Friday afternoons that week.
  2. Add the number of builders (participants) by their age category. NOTE: The parent is not a builder and is free! Do not add another participant for the parent/caregiver unless you’re building two ramps.
  3. Then below the calendar review the block of times and press Select.
  4. You’ll then be asked for the builder’s information, and payment details.